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11th Nov 2021

BAA AGM 2021

BAA 2021 AGM detail and agenda.

11th Nov 2021

Eastham Bridge car park closure.

Car park closure due to rebuild and relocation of entrance.

8th Nov 2021

Electro fishing of canals

Canal & River Trust to electro fish canal network over winter for the removal of non native species.

2nd Nov 2021

Upper Severn fishing report October 2021

Aberbechan / Penarth / Abermule / Forden / Buttington / Maginnis Bridge / Poolquay / Maesydd / Rhyddesgyn / Underdale

30th Oct 2021

Stacklands access

Stacklands temporarily closed as field too wet to drive on.

21st Oct 2021

Bredon peg builds

Major peg replacement at Bredon.


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