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Re: Eagle & Sun

your right Reg they didnt bother me .in fact quite the opposite.. they were a great bunch ,,went well out my way and apologized as they passed ..
what your saying Ollie is correct about the license's iv read all about it in the passed anyone using the water be it a craft of any type (powered or manual ) requires a license... i don't know if they had one or not ,i didn't ask ... not wanting to be the talking point in the pub after ..( What's that grumpy old fisherman moaning about this morning ) after they had been so courteous and polite to me i just left them to it...
now here's a thing .. the young bloke who works with my mate is into Kayaking but he mainly goes in the sea or fast rivers (white water) he said hes been on the Avon and the Teme on the odd occasion,, i ask if he had a license and he said ...
" I have now " he told me hes had one for the last 5 years but for the previous 5 years he wasn't aware he needed one.. it wasn't until someone questioned it that he looked into it a thought oops i better get one...
now if you in some kind of club i would of thought it would be in the club rules .. but if your not , how would you know you require one?
How many of these people on our waters have never been asked to produce one.. Whos bailiffing them..???
like i said these ladies were no problem on the day.. but trust me iv had some nightmares with them in the past.. i had to pack up my stuff at Eckington because of boarders and people swimming in my peg...


Posted on December 02, 2023 at 9:50 AM

Re: Change of scene

pershore is full off them at the moment is fladbury ..go and chuck em in the weir at fladbury , im sure youll have some fun there..


Posted on November 30, 2023 at 4:18 PM

Re: Bins Bins

No apologies needed mate. it was a simple enough question to which i was openly glad to answer ..
Its no secret that im blind and im stuck with it.. i tried every pair of glasses on the market , like you say they all claim to reduce one thing or another. but iv found none of the brands give you a prescription strength option .. one place offers a over lens option with either polaroid,, amber vision,, grey tint.. night mode... but neither work.. not for me anyhow..
Maybe for people with better eyesight ..( I don't know) ..
as i said i buy the cheapest glasses i can see at distance with and adjust them to suit me ...and so far its been the best thing available.
when your eyes are as shit as mine anything that works is good enough..


Posted on November 28, 2023 at 7:14 PM

Re: Bins Bins

now there's a question... firstly if it was the secret service would you expect me to tell you ??? after all the names in the answer..

2nd , if i could see all women naked would you be up too buying a pair ??

3rd ( the real reason) IM BLIND....really i am ....iv no vision at all in my left eye and iv lost 35% of vision in my right eye...So to be honest i wouldn't of noticed you staring at me unless you was over 15foot away. people who are by me are just a blur.... the glasses are normal but the blue tinge you saw which is only on the right eye ( pointless doing anything with the left , as it dont work ) might as well put a pickled egg in that frame.. the blue tinge is a strip of magnification that i put on myself just so i can catch my line and put my bait on...
If you want to gaze into my eyes further at least have the decency to offer to buy me im not that type of guy ... but you will notice the left eye is a perfect mirror image of the right as its a silicone photo..
when im not fishing i wear black glasses..
so now you know.

GLAUCOMA who would want that


Posted on November 27, 2023 at 7:24 PM

Re: Roach fishing - Staffs-Worcs Canal

Yes Mick thats the same peg... them otters will devastate a stretch in a few months... this why all the commercial's have starting to install fences ..


Posted on November 26, 2023 at 7:24 PM
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