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Re: My the pool/ ukinghall

So following up on my offer - with the caveat that I accept no responsibility whatsoever for these suggested levels - I reckon the following applies - very roughly to Uckinghall Pool - based on the EA's Saxon Loade levels:
- water starts flowing into the pool from the pipe at about 2.1m and above
- water coming over the banks and restricting fishing access from about 2.6m and above
- access to the pool becoming an issue at about 3.5m and above
For some strange reason I used to gauge the levels based on Diglis which I realise is miles away so I have tried to convert these and will track them when there to see how these levels pan out for Saxons Loade, which is much closer, to see if they are about right.
Also note what I said in the previous post about dropping levels often having a big lag; as the land drains ie the river level may seem low enough but there is still flooding on the approach road - recently it caught me out due to prolonged floods and I had a wasted trip - albeit I did get on the river elsewhere. It also takes a good 4-5 days for the pool level to come back right down to the river level after it drops, due to the low flow through the pipe.
Hope this is useful.
Anyone else got similar levels for the other pools near the rivers?

Posted on December 06, 2019 at 8:17 AM

Re: My the pool/ ukinghall

Without wishing to stir up the arguments any further, I do feel there is some merit in having some very rough local river levels which would affect both the fishing and the access to the location. This is something I have learnt (crudely) from experience over the years, but it isn't an exact science - on Sunday I went down to Uckinghall fully expecting to fish with the river dropping steadily but because the surrounding area has had so much flooding for so long the road was to deep and I had a wasted journey, even though the lake probably was fishable. So the lag in the draining of the local fields etc can be a factor that is hard to predict.
But a rough guide is better than nothing and is probably more reliable on a raising level - it should be pretty easy to tell when Uckinghall starts fill up when the river at Saxons Loade reaches a certain point and another level when the normal banks start to flood, and another when you can't even get to the lake. I'm happy to provide these, if someone is willing to post it on the venue details. Might take a while to note these down.
But in addition, a fantastic service I have had by Mike and Ann Wood, the bailiffs on the upper Severn is they are happy to tell you (by text) before you set off, what state the rivers is in and how it has been fishing. It is shame that for whatever reason, this isn't available for any of the lower Severn venues. I guess it is just Mike and Ann going the extra mile, and thanks to them for doing it as I have come to rely on their advice now before setting off on the long drive.

Posted on December 03, 2019 at 3:21 PM

Re: Mythe Pool Level

Tried to get down there on Sunday but the farmer had left a huge combine in the lane and I didn't fancy trying to get past it in the thick mud in my car (not 4x4). The track was also 50% submerged after going over the first bridge, which meant going part up the muddy bank, so again thought better of it. Also tried Uckinghall but the approach road was still flooded.
I did get down to Mythe river from the other end - the track was a bit dodgy but made it ok. But wouldn't suggest driving on the grass at the end of the track as you are sure to get stuck after all the flooding. Had 4 bites on deadbaits but missed all of them - think it was small zander playing with the bait.

I think all three venues should be accessible with care this coming weekend - just be careful in the mud, unless you are driving a tractor!

Posted on December 03, 2019 at 2:33 PM

Re: New Member,Cotheridge and Bransford;Teme.

Been giving Cotheridge a real bash these last few weeks but have only had chub. It seems the barbel just aren't there anymore which is quite sad. Tried all kinds of conditions and all the usual baits but no barbel at all. I did have one further upstream earlier in the season but this stretch of the Teme seems devoid of them at present.

Posted on August 14, 2019 at 5:42 PM

Re: Zander

My PB zander was caught between Worcester and Bevere Weir - 13 lb 4 oz - not going to say where exactly - caught three years ago. Never managed to land another one in this stretch since though. They are there but are few and far between. I know guys have caught them from the various free fishing sections near the race course - fishing after dark but takes lots of hours and catching the conditions just right. I believe they are in Holt Fleet weir but never seen one myself.
More of a trek as you say, but there are more fish further south from Upton, Severn Stoke, under the M50 bridge and down to our stretch of the river at Mythe. Just find the holes as already said and they won't be far away. In some parts the river it is over 20 ft deep and you can tell by the angle of your line when you find one. I wouldn't fish for them till October though or you'll be plagued by eels this time of year if fishing deadbaits. Most of the serious zander anglers fish from boats and jig this time of year - mostly around Upton.
By the way I think you'll find the BAA rules are you are only allowed to use frozen deadbaits, which supposedly would kill any diseases. I get mine from Alan's tackle in Worcester. Half a roach is as good as anything, but smelts work sometimes.

Posted on August 14, 2019 at 5:37 PM
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