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24th Feb 2020

Footbridge down on the Teme

Footbridge from Stanford Bridge car park damaged by floods.

11th Feb 2020

Fladbury car park temporary closure CHANGE

The car park by the mill at Fladbury will be temporarily closed on Thursday morning 27th February, not the 20th as previously…

9th Feb 2020

Upper Severn fishing report

January 2020 fishing report for Upper Severn from Underdale to Aberbechan.

5th Feb 2020

Nafford car park lock

Lock fitted to Nafford car park gate

5th Feb 2020

Holt Fleet parking and access

Canal and Rivers trust work on locks limiting parking and access for next 4-5 weeks.

1st Feb 2020

Tough winter river fishing

Check out this link, it's done on a BAA stretch of the Avon at Marlcliff.


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