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15th Jun 2020

Fishery strimming delay

Delay in the summer strimming of our fisheries

11th Jun 2020

New upper Severn fishery

New Severn fishery at Abermule

4th Jun 2020

Upper Severn fishing report May 2020

Fishing Report For The Upper Severn Aberbechan /Penarth /Forden /Buttington /Maginnis Bridge / Poolquay / Maesydd / @Rhyddesgyn

28th May 2020

Giant Hogweed

Dangers of Giant Hogweed. Re-posted this article from 2015 to remind anglers.

27th May 2020

Fishing contests go-ahead

Fishing contests get government go ahead subject to social distancing

26th May 2020

Rail crossing at Charlton

Rail crossing to access Charlton 1, 2 & 3.


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