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1st Mar 2014

BAA News March 2014

Midlands Fishing Show Coarse and Carp Spectacular Ricoh Arena Coventry.

1st Feb 2014

BAA News February 2014

The new footbridge has now been installed at Cotheridge

1st Jan 2014

BAA News January 2014

Details of new Coventry Canal fishery

1st Dec 2013

BAA News December 2013

BAA Facebook page reported in Birmingham Mail. AGM update. Fishing in the 1950’s

1st Nov 2013

BAA News November 2013

BAA on Facebook. 2013 AGM. Barbel in the Avon? Severn Seal rescue blocked.

1st Oct 2013

Coir Rolls For Coppice

The Fisheries team have installed a number of pre-planted coir rolls at Coppice Lake


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