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In response to numerous requests for information regarding the close season, here is a brief outline of the current regulations. Full details of all Environment Agency Fisheries Bye-laws can be found on the EA web site:

There is a close season for fishing for coarse fish in all rivers in England and Wales from 15 March to 15 June inclusive. (Coarse fish include: pike, zander & grayling)

There is no close season for fishing on any BAA controlled canal or pool.

There is no close season for fishing for eels. However, during the period of the coarse fish close season, different rules apply to fishing for them. Eels may only be fished for using legered worm as bait and only using hooks with a minimum 'gape' width of 0.5 inch. No other method or bait may be used and no fish may be retained in a keepnet.

There are separate close seasons for salmon, migratory and non-migratory trout, dependant on which river you are considering. (check with the EA bye-laws for full details of permitted times and methods).

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