AGM 2022



The Annual General Meeting of members of Birmingham Anglers Association will take place at The H Suite, 100 Icknield Port Rd. Rotton Park, Birmingham B16 0AA at 7.30pm. on Thursday 10 November 2022.


N.B. Entry to this meeting is open only to bona-fide, paid-up members of the Association and subject to the production of a valid membership card.









 1.         To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 11 November 2021


2.         To approve the accounts for 2021 


3.         To appoint Accountants for 2023:   Adderley, Hill & Co.    -   Proposed  by:   P Raby


4.         Election of officers



Retiring Officer: I P Rees.

Nominations:  I P Rees   Nominated by J Williams (F00001), K Pearson (F03343)


Vice President:           

Retiring officer:  B Marsh


            B Marsh (S00009)   Nominated by:  H Jones (S00692),  D Gumbley (F00013)

                        S Mulheron (F01348)  Nominated by: D Hawthorne (S07016) R Duce (S07265)



5.         Election of Executive Committee:


Retiring Members:  M Latham, G Price-Hunt,

                                                              (All re-nominated by Executive Committee)


            New Members:    

                        C Tinkler (F06649)  Nominated by: P Raby (S05737) J Williams (F00001)

                        C Williams (F22883) Nominated by: D Hawthorne (S07016) R Duce (S07265)

                        P Mattock (FA00384) Nominated by: S Mulheron (F01348) L Mulheron (F01349)

                        L Lodje (F13184) Nominated by: S Mulheron (F01348) C Williams (F22883)






            Meeting Closed






Following the conclusion of the formal AGM business, there will also be an open forum when members may raise matters of interest on any aspect of the Association.

Officers representing: Fisheries, Finance, Bailiffing, Promotion & Events and Administration, will be available to answer questions at the discretion of the Chair.AGM Agenda 2022.pdf

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