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Thought your older members might like to see these photos.

My father was John Harding, and his dad was Albert Harding who was your President a long time ago! Albert used to run a tackle shop. Dad used to tell me about people buying maggots by the pint, which as a squeamish kid I thought was horrible! The name Jimmy Boleyn is also familiar to me and he had some kind of link with Dad's Aunty Ada, but I don't know exactly how. I heard rumours that he cleared out Ada's house when she died.

Dad died aged 89 a few years ago but I found a lot of slides in his collection and scanned them. Several look like they were from fishing expeditions. I can't name the people but if anyone ever finds out who they are, I'd love to know.

Best wishes

Alison Harding

Picture 1.jpg

Picture 1


Picture 2.jpg

Picture 2


Picture 3.jpg

Picture 3



If you recognise anyone in these pictures, please email me the information at and I will send your information to Alison.

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