Claines - conservation grazing

The two fields alongside our Claines Fishery are now being used for 'conservation grazing' by the nearby Hawford Farm in partnership with the Canal & Rivers Trust.

The rough and tall vegetation which has been a feature of these fields for many years has been topped off making walking across them to the river easier, fences have been put around the fields with stiles alongside the gates for angler access and the fallen trees/branches have also been cleared.

Seven cattle are now grazing the lower field alongside the Severn/Salwarpe confluence. The cattle are Dexters which according to the farmer are small, friendly and inquisitive.

The Fisheries Team are planning to visit Claines on Wednesday 22nd June to do the summer strim of the pegs, this will also give us an opportortunity to view the above changes, it should also result in a lot less strimming for us

For more information on conservation grazing click on the link below;

Dexter cows.jpg

Dexter cattle

Topped field with 7 Dexter cows.jpg

Topped off field

Burning the fallen trees.jpg

Clearing the fallen trees/branches



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