Coppice Pool trees storm damage.

On Monday morning 21st February fishery’s team members were on site at Coppice Lake to repair some platforms, they also took the opportunity to check for any damage resulting from the recent storms. They found a tree very close to the car park had become unstable due to the roots being loosened but they could not remove the tree as it was still very windy. Hazard tape has been placed on both side of the footpath to denote where the tree is, see pictures below. DO NOT USE THIS ACCESS FROM THE CAR PARK TO THE POOL, there is an alternative access by the side of the portaloo.

Coppice 1.jpg

Coppice 3.jpg

At the far end of the pool there is a tree down blocking the track but both side are accessible to fish dependent on which side you require. When the weather conditions improve both trees can then be removed.

Coppice 2.jpg

Please take extra care when fishing in high wind.





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