Flood on the Upper Severn

Maginnis Bridge in a lake

Severn flood 2022 01.jpg


Maginnis Bridge standing on the A483, no anglers about!

Severn flood 2022 02.jpg


Rhyddesgyn on the A483.

Severn flood 2022 03.jpg


Rhyddesgyn Lane, one mile to the river.

Severn flood 2022 04.jpg


Buttington Moore's straight.

Severn flood 2022 05.jpg


Maginnis Bridge, standing on A483 by Powys Arms pub looking towards river on far side by trees in distance.

Severn flood 2022 06.jpg


Aberbechan, fallen tree.

Severn flood 2022 07.jpg


All pictures supplied by Ann Wood, Upper Severn bailiff.

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