Padlock codes

From the 1st January 2019 the code to open BAA access gate padlocks will be changed. The new 4 digit number will be printed on 2019 membership cards.

The new code is not published in the latest 2019 Guide to Waters booklet.

The exiting code will be removed from the Where to Fish pages on the website at the end of December and a note added that the lock code is on your membership card.

The plan is to change the code on all locks at the start of every year with that years code printed on that years membership cards.

The reason for the change is, the existing code has become widely known due to being published in the Guide to Waters and our website. The change is being done to make our sites more secure with the code only available to members with a current membertship card.

It is important that the new lock number is not shared with non members.




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