Upper Severn fishing report May 2020

Upper Severn fishing report May 2020


From some of the worst floods on record during the first three months of 2020 to the dryest May on record our river is critically low on water, you can actually walk across the river in some areas. Fish are dropping in to deep gulley areas and as a result being very vunerable to predators. Normally we would see a weekly release of water from Clywedog dam but this did'nt happen until the last week of May, it only gave us about six inches which did'nt even get us back to normal level for this time of year, we are still critically low on water.

A huge oak tree has come down just above the new carpark covering three pegs, it desperatly needs cutting up and removing. I have asked one of  the local contractors for a price to do the work and some strimming but with lock down still in place in Powys we won't get any prices or work done just yet.

As discussed we have changed lock codes on the two gates to stop people from gaining access I also put a chain and pad lock on new gate way because someone had sabotaged the combination lock hitting it with a hammer and smashing the numbers, I have purchased a new  combination lock but I will not fit until fishery reopens. No one can get in with padlock and chain on .


Again water critically low, I'm very concerned about some work what has been done in last week or so to river banks /river bed/ rubbish being dumped by waters edge.

There is also a very large oak tree that has come down from the side of river bank directly across the river blocking it completely. Also bottom end of top fishery is completely blocked we can't get through small wood area to the last six pegs because the high floods brought down trees and rubbish, never seen it so bad just can't get through. Last year we cut a path way through to get to the pegs now it is completely blocked.


Kind Regards Mike and Ann Wood



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