Fishing Report For The Upper Severn Powys

Aberbechan/Penarth/Abermule/Forden/Buttington Maginnis Bridge Poolquay/Maesydd/Rhyddesgyn/Underdale

31 July 2022

Mike and Ann Wood Fishing Report Upper Severn Powys

Hi everyone welcome to July fishing report its fantastic to see July has carried on how June ended Aberbechan /Penarth fishing very well for grayling, Trout ,Chubb on the fly with trotting Tactics giving some good bags of silvers down to Abermule we have also had Pike caught to 9lb .Forden some lovely chubb being caught to 6lb see pictures on website and Baa facebook page with barbel to 9lb also at Forden again fly fishing is doing very well with wild brown trout to 2lb and grayling to the 1lb mark.Buttington/Maginnis Bridge again fishing very well with good chub barbel and silvers being caught Poolquay /Maesydd/Rhyddesgyn fishing very good with barbel to 10lb chub to 6lb the loop on Poolquay has been fishing excellent on the trotting tactics and bottom end of Rhyddesgyn also fishing very well regular water coming out of Clwyedog every week has helped yes its been very hot but with plenty deep water in these areas and fresh water coming in its really kept things alive normally the cold water coming in would have the opposite affect but with the weather so hot its been Fishing very well indeed .We had a 10 day spell when tempratures were very high and I am very pleased to report that no anglers fished during the extreme hot weather, but when temperatres started to drop down on the 21st July and water levels holding around the .700mm mark at Aberbechan and .800mm at Buttington Anglers were coming back on the banks with some very nice barbel and chub being caught from Forden ,Buttington/Maginnis bridge /Poolquay /Rhyddesgyn/Underdale. See Pictures on BAA website and BAA Facebook page. The quality and size of fish thats all species being caught is absolutly fantastic , Tight lines for August everyone all the best Mike and Ann Upper Severn area bailiffs.

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