Charlton, Cropthorne



The river here is slower and deeper with roach & bream the main species. Chub & barbel can be found below Charlton Weir. Swimfeeder is the best tactic to use.

Location (SATNAV)

Charlton 1, 2, 3
Lat  52°06'51.0"N  Long  1°58'34.2"W   (degs, mins, secs)
Lat  52.114173      Long  -1.976155      (numerical)
Postcode  WR10 3LQ
What3words  puffed.splinters.twinge
Cropthorne 4, 5, 6
Lat  52°07'10.2"N  Long   1°59'00.3"W  (degs, mins, secs)
Lat  52.119507      Long  -1.983419      (numerical)
Postcode  WR10 3LA  (Sidings Lane)
What3words  giggle.steam.bleak
Cropthorne 7, 8, 9
Lat  52°07'06.3"N  Long  1°59'38.0"W  (degs, mins, secs)
Lat  52.118424      Long   -1.993896    (numerical)
Postcode  WR10 3LA  (Sidings Lane)
What3words  ivory.multiples.weddings
Cropthorne 10, 11, 12
Lat  52°06'49.5"N  Long  2°00'07.7"W  (degs, mins, secs)
Lat  52.113746      Long  -2.002124     (numerical)
Postcode  WR10 2QA
What3words  aimlessly.volunteered.desks


Cropthorne 10, 11, 12: Turn off A44, through Fladbury Village, over Jubilee Bridge then left along track to BAA car park.

Cropthorne 7, 8, 9 and Charlton 4, 5, 6: Continue through Charlton Village, turn left down Sidings Lane to BAA car parks Ignore the NO PUBLIC ACCESS sign at the top of the lane.

At the level crossing at the end of Sidings Lane, members MUST obey the Crossing Signage instructing Users to phone the Signaller using the telephones in place.  Failure to do this could lead to fines and prosecution or at worst very serious injuries or death due to being struck by a train. After using the level crossing leave the gates closed.

Charlton 1, 2, 3: Continue through village then turn left just past Whitehouse Farm to BAA car park.


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