Two pools (formerly clay pits) close to the River Severn below Tewkesbury. The larger (No2) pool holds 28 pegs and is up to 12 feet deep. Carp, tench, bream, perch and pike plus large eels are resident on both pools.

Location (SATNAV)

Gabb Lane
Lat 51°57'26.7"N  Long 2°12'31.4"W (degs, mins, secs)
Lat 51.957421      Long -2.208716    (numerical)
Postcode GL19 4DN


Apperley Pools: From Tewkesbury take A38 (Gloucester) road, turning right at the sign for Apperley, picking up Gabb Lane in village. Access to a BAA car park is available from Gabb Lane, turn right into the car park just before a sharp left hand turn. Access is via a locked gate (Access Code See BAA Membership Card), please close and lock the gate, follow the track into the car park area. A section of the fence between the car park and pool 2 has been removed to allow walking (NOT VEHICLE) access.


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