• Claines

    A delightful little river, fishes best when the Severn is in flood and late in the year. Perch, roach, chub, barbel, pike, eels and even carp have been caught on the stretch. This fishery also includes a few pegs on the Severn immediately downstream of where the Salwarpe joins. Since the introduction of conservation grazing on the two meadows alongside our fishery, a stock proof fence has been erected between the meadows and the canal towpath. For access to our fishery; Enter the upstream meadow using the stile alongside the first gate, or; Continue on the towpath just past the lock and turn right into the area where the culvert flows out of the canal, their are two stiles there giving access to the river near to the lock, or downstream to the Salwarpe/Severn confluence. According to the farmer, the Dexter cattle in the downstream meadow are small, friendly and inquisitive. The conservation grazing has resulted in the vegetation in the fields being much shorter making summer access easier. Please take care of this area and take all your litter home and don't discard and fishing items such as line and hooks.

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