Pool Quay, Maesydd & Rhyddesgyn



Beautiful, unspoilt, uplands river. Lots of pools and rapids, twists and turns, excellent salmon, trout and coarse fishing for chub, dace, pike, barbel and grayling.

Location (SATNAV)

As some satnavs direct you to the wrong side of the Severn when using the car park location data (it has been checked and is correct according to Google maps), I have also added the location data for the turn-offs from the A483 for these two locations. I suggest you put these in your satnavs initially and use the car park locations when you have turned off the A483.
The Maesydd A483 turn-off
Lat  52°43'50.7"N  Long  3°05'45.9"W  (degs, mins, secs)
Lat  52.730745      Long  -3.096093     (numerical)
Postcode  SY21 9LE
Car park
Lat  52°42'44.9"N  Long  3°04'39.4"W  (degs, mins, secs)
Lat  52.712484     Long  -3.077606      (numerical)
Postcode  SY21 9JU
Rhyddesgyn A483 turn-off
Lat  52°43'50.8"N  Long  3°05'43.0"W  (degs, mins, secs)
Lat  52.730777     Long  -3.096121      (numerical)
Postcode  SY21 9LE
Upstream car park
Lat  52°43'39.9"N  Long  3°04'05.0"W  (degs, mins, secs)
Lat  52.727743     Long  -3.068050      (numerical)
Postcode  SY21 9LD
Downstream car park
Lat  52°43'28.5"N  Long  3°04'16.7"W  (degs, mins, secs)
Lat  52.724588     Long  -3.071303      (numerical)
Postcode  SY21 9LD


Pool Quay (Maesydd): As for Powis Arms (see under Buttington) continue on A483 for a further mile turning right and right again down signposted track to BAA car park.

Pool Quay (Rhyddesgyn): As for above but continuing past Maesydd water to next right turn for BAA car park at Rhyddesgyn.

All gates must be kept closed. Gate Code: See BAA Membership Card


From Saturday 28th September 2019, an Emergency Byelaw to protect vulnerable salmon stocks on the River Severn in Wales has been introduced by Natural Resources Wales. Salmon catch and release only is allowed on the Welsh Severn.

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