Code Of Good Angling

When fishing BAA water every member is a guest in the countryside. You should ensure you respect the countryside by following this simple code….

  • Never ever leave litter – Remember plastic bags or metal cans can injure, or even kill, wildlife and livestock. Remember It is an offence under BAA Bye-Laws to fish in a peg with litter present. If you take luncheon or similar meat onto BAA waters, please take it out of the can before you arrive and leave the can at home.
  • Always close all gates, keep to paths or tracks, do not trespass, never light fires.
  • Always park carefully only at places shown on maps, do not block gates or tracks.
  • Remember – No dogs, guns, camping or parking of caravans is permitted on Association property.
  • No night fishing is allowed without a special permit. 
  • Never go fishing without your Membership card and Environment Agency Licence.
  • Never interfere with other anglers’ sport.
  • Treat all fish with care, if allowed, use a keep-net of the required size and always return your catch gently into the water. Use an un-hooking mat for larger fish.
  • Never discard nylon line or lead shot.

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