Upper Severn fishing report June 2021

Start of June absolutely stunning weather, river running perfect, plenty of hatches of fly and very good catches of salmon, brown trout and grayling, on all stretches. First week of month with lots of game anglers about, start of second week water levels dropping and very low around Aberbechan/Penarth down to Forden. One of our local anglers at Forden, Duncan Rutherford has been having some excellent catches of brown trout and grayling on the fly/nymph on the lower section, Ashley another regular to the upper Severn has been catching some very nice chub/grayling on the fly along our Upper Forden stretch.

Now we are approaching the marvelous 16th June and what a start we have had on the upper Severn, good catches of barbel to 13lb and chub to 5lb. Trotting tactics, good catches of silvers from Forden down to Rhyddesgyn, Aberbechan and Penarth little bit slow due to the very low water but fishing very well at Forden down stream. Good catches of silvers around Poolquay, there is always deep water in the Poolquay area so you can always do trotting /ledgering tactics. There have been some very nice salmon showing and being caught on all stretches. Ashley Clarson one of our regulars who visits  the upper Severn has been catching some very nice wild brown trout and achieved his personal best. Right up to the last day of the month some lovely barbel being caught (see website) so all in all its been a very good month all round for game anglers and an excellent start to the course season with very high numbers of anglers about. If your thinking of travelling to the upper Severn and your not sure about river levels or which area to go to for or what you want to fish for, give us a call before you set out and we will try and point you in the right direction. There is always a bailiff about everyday and phone numbers on sign boards on every fishery so if you have any problems or queries dont hesitate to ring one of the numbers .

Underdale has had a very slow start to the season with the very low water playing its part with just small bream and the odd barbel showing along with small silvers, can only get better .

Kind Regards Mike and Ann Wood upper Severn area Bailiffs.




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