Upper Severn fishing report May 2021

Very good start on the 1st/2nd May, lovely sunshine, plenty anglers about fly fishing catching lovely trout and grayling to 2lb on the Aberbechan /Abermule stretch. Then came the dreaded rain monday tuesday complete washout but no complaints we need the extra water in the river to bring levels back up again. Coming on to the 7th with a nice spring level, few anglers about catching well on the fly, then saturday the 8th torrential rain, river comes up very quickly, unfishable by evening time and bank high all the way down to Pool Quay by sunday. Still unfishable until friday the 14th, fishing was a bit slow with high water on, did not get back to normal level until Friday 21st and stayed steady through until the end of the month when anglers started to come back on the bank. We lost two weeks out of May with high and coloured water. Salmon showing on all stretches, may fly starting to hatch and trout and grayling being caught again now river is running back to normal levels for this time of the year. All in all a good turnout for the way the weather has been and now we can also look forward to the course season and trotting anglers coming back on June 16th .


Kind Regards Mike and Ann Wood Upper Severn area bailiffs .

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