BAA 2021 annual padlock code change

On New Years day, Friday 1st January the majority of the 4 digit codes on the access padlocks at our fisheries were changed from the code printed on the old 2020 BAA membership cards to the new code printed on the 2021 memership cards.


The following lock codes were not changed as they are inaccessible due to the Severn being in flood and will be done when the flood water receeds.

  • Apperley Pools
  • Birds Meadow (missing lock will be replaced)
  • Ripple Bridge
  • Ripple Flood Bank (cars should not attempt to drive along the flood bank or Mythe Pool banks).


We will contact the scrap yard next week and ask them to change the lock code for.

  • Evesham Common Road


We will be doing the following fisheries when the condition of the roads improves

  • Nordley Pools
  • Brook Section
  • Knowle Sands
  • Arley Harbour


If you are planning to fish any of the above in the near future it may be sensible to have a note of the 2020 4 digit lock code as well as your 2021 membership card.


Don't forget that access to all our waters on the Welsh stretch of the Severn are locked and not available for fishing until further notice due to the Covid lockdown in Wales.




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