2017 EA rod licences

As mentioned in an previous Latest News post, 2017 EA rod licences will be available for 2 or 3 rods.

Don't forget that BAA bye-laws only permit the use of a maximum of 2 rods per member when fishing our waters.


C.4      Prohibited Equipment and Bait

No member shall use on the Association's waters:

(a)        any double or treble hooks, except when fishing for pike, zander or spinning for game fish,

(b)        any gaff,

(c)        any luncheon or similar meat as bait on rivers during the coarse fish close season, except on Association pools which may be open for fishing.

(d)       any live fish as bait.

(e)      more than two rods at any time and that any rod used must be under the immediate physical control of the angler.

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