'Watch out, there's a bailiff about!'

I'm please to inform you that our bailiffs have been more active than ever this year. We have around 80 volunteers, who do what they can and when they can to help prevent illegal angling and poaching on our waters.

This year (so far) we have carried out almost 3000 visits to venues on Association waters and checked well in excess of 5000 anglers. 400 were non members and asked to leave the water, but encouraged to come back another day as full members of the BAA. These figures represent an increase of over 30% on the number of visits and anglers checked compared with the last two years and is down to the hard work and commitment of our bailiffs.

I would like to thank them and wish all of our members a very Happy Christmas and a successful New Year fishing on our waters.

Kevin Pearson
Superintendent Bailiff

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