Upper Severn fishing report November 2020

Aberbechan / Penarth

Very pleased to report to everyone we opened up all waters on the Upper Severn Powys on Monday 9th November with anglers turning up as we were opening gates. This area of the river rises very rapidly but also drops very quickly and after all the heavy rain was running clear with about 1 metre on. Very nice for time of year, excellent trotting conditions with one or two nice grayling being caught to the 1lb mark backed up with small chub and dace, the pike anglers were about catching lots of pike to 12lb with one excellent pike being caught ove 20lb by one of our local anglers. Back came the floods for the second and third week but it does not hold for long in this area droping back to about 1metre and a clear weekend on the 22nd, excellent trotting water with one regular to Aberbechan catching 30 plus grayling in a 3hr session with some very nice chub to 4lb, the grayling fishing has been excellent so far this year.



Just a couple anglers about the first week, fishing a bit slow with just the odd dace, grayling and chub being caught. Fishing starts to pick up for the weekend of the 22nd with some nice bags of silvers and chub to 3lb.



Water holding high in this area 2metres on and slightly coloured running very fast. There have been a few anglers trying their luck but very hard going, the odd pike being caught.


Buttington/Maginnis Bridge

The first week of re-opening river had 3meters on and coloured with a few anglers about. Stays like this until weekend 22nd dropping down about 1metre but doesn't stop the barbel feeding and being caught with old fashiond tactics and baits working a treat as you will see on the website with one of our bailiffs Will Cracknell catching barbel to just under 12lb, the quantity and quality of fish being caught from these areas this year are some of the best we have seen and that goes for all species of fish. We read on the forum anglers are saying they are seeing a decline in sport on the Middle and Lower Severn, I am pleased to report Upper Severn fisheries are quite the opposite with the increase in anglers visiting the Upper Severn and quality of fish being caught, it's been a excellent year all round. Some very nice grayling being caught to one and half pound mark.



Again the first week of re-opening 3metres on very coloured very hard to fish but anglers still trying their luck. Last week of month dropping down to about a metre on and fishing starts to pick up with some excellent barbel being caught to 12lb, this fishery has produced some excellent sport this year with pike and chub being caught on spinner along with some nice bags of silvers from the margins. Grayling fishing again been excellent.

With the upper Severn being closed until the 9th of November due to the Covid 19 and followed by three weeks of floods we think its been a excellent turn out with some very good sport being had by all the ones who have braved the weather .



This fishery has been flooded up until the last week of November but there has been a few anglers about catching barbel and a few pike being caught on spinner.


Mike and Ann Wood Upper Severn Fishing Report







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