Late spring impact on fisheries strimming

The late arrival of spring this year has delayed the Fisheries Team from being able to start the annual strimming marathon.

This is a particular problem for our river fisheries where there have been no visiting anglers during the 3 month closed season to trample the weeds.

We started strimming in late May, and as a result a larger number than usual of our fisheries will not have been done in time for the start of the season on the 16th June.

The progress of the strimming is available on the website home page, click on the 'Booked waters & Fisheries plan' drop down, then click on the Fisheries work plan.pdf to get a view of the latest status.

If you are planning to visit a fishery before it is strimmed, have something handy like a rod rest to knock down the weeds. We have noticed this year that the late spring seems to have caused a particularly vigorous growth of vegetation.








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