June 16 is fast approaching

As we approach the start of the new coarse fishing season, BAA bailiffs are getting ready to visit the popular areas on our rivers and can expect a busy few months.

To help us to bailiff our waters more effectively, we are joining forces with Angling Trust, the Environment Agency and Police forces across the Midlands to report and deal with a range of issues including rod licence evasion, fishing without permission, stealing fish, litter and associated countryside crime.

The BAA will be represented at the press launch for this initiative, called ' Operation Leviathan' which is being held at West Mercia police HQ on 11.06.15 and will run throughout the year.

Please can I ask all members to report all suspected fish theft or illegal fishing activities to the EA hotline on 0800 807060 (freephone 24 hrs) or any suspected rural criminal or anti social activity to the Police on 999 or 101 for non emergencies. Control room staff at both the EA and Police forces have been given more information about angling-related crime recently and will hopefully be in a better position to pass on your concern to the right people for action.

Thank you for your support, enjoy your fishing!

Kevin Pearson

Superintendent Bailiff

Birmingham Anglers' Association

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