Cleeve Prior - car park transformation

A few weeks ago John Williams, BAA General Secretary met with the local Parish Council to discuss the conditions of vegetation growth in and around our car park at Cleeve Prior and John came to an agreement that benefits both the Parish and our members. As you can see from the attached photos the whole area has been transformed the car park and all our land has been cleared and is now all accessible. (The foundations of the old mill and Weir have been found) The local historical Society are very interested in this and they are trying for Lottery funding.

Although there is quite a lot of pan docks growth in the margins there are three pegs fishable in the river and we will see if we can cut a few more out.

In he past this area was well know for the hemp roach fishing but I would suggest that this area would not only hold the roach but there will be a number of those big old river carp lurking in the margins.

It will also now be good for winter fishing.






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