New car park at Aberbechan - UPDATE

Work is now completed on an additional car park and track at Aberbechan, the gated entrance is off the road opposite to the existing car park. A stoned track leads from the entrance along the meadow between the Severn and the canal, where the meadow narrows, the car park is located with a footpath to the river bank.

This gives additional car parking, with improved access to the upstream end of Aberbechan fishery plus the new fishery around Penarth Weir.

Thanks to local bailiffs Mike and Ann Wood for all the hard work in arranging the construction. The Fisheries Team visited on Wednesday 15th May and fitted gates to the new entrace, these are inset so that members can unlock and open them without blocking the road.


Construction team and machines in the exisating car park ready to start!



Making the new entrance off the road.



The track is cut!



Topping for the track and car park arrives.



The car park during construction.




New footpath from car park down to the river.



Job now finished with recessed access gate fitted (BAA combination lock).















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