The view from Jubilee Bridge 1905

I thought members might be interested in this photo taken in 1905 from the Fladbury Jubilee Bridge looking downstream.

It's the Old Cropthorne "Watergate" or "Flash lock".

Boats moving downstream would wait above the lock until the paddles were removed, which would allow a "flash" of water to pass through, carrying the boats with it. Upstream boats would be winched or towed through the lock with the paddles removed.

It could take up to a day or more for the water to build back up so they were not very popular with mill owners robbing them of their water supply.

The photo shows an island in the middle of the river so you can now see why the present day sedges are growing out into this shallow waters.

It also explains why this is a good barbel holding area with it shallow gravel bottom.


Colin Townsend - Fisheries team member & Bailiff.


Cropthorne flashlock.JPG

Cropthorne Flash-Lock circa 1905




Fladbury 2.JPG

Similar views today taken from Jubilee Bridge




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