Upper Severn fishing report August 2021

What a cracking start To August, barbel to 10lb (see website) coming from all areas from Forden to Rhyddesgyn really fishing well after our extra bit of fresh water end of July, the barbel fishing is really topping all records on the upper Severn this year. The amount of fish from 5oz to 15lb being caught is amazing this season. There has been some wonderful chub to 4.5lb, quality fish. After our extra water running off after the first week we  are very very low now on water, from the 8th onwards Aberbechan down to Maginnis Bridge really struggling our deeper areas around Poolquay down to the Rhyddesgyn are fishing but a lot slower than normal. There has been some nice bags of silvers with chub dace bleak roach and grayling to about the 20lb bag mark but nothing like we are used to.  Numbers of anglers have slowed down because of low water and we are really stuggling with the low water problems right now. It was good to see Mr Smirthwaite on the upper severn with his son in law at a time when river not at its best but at least they caught and had a good da, hope to see you again soon. I was also pleased to see Richard Sherwood from the lower Severn come and have a good day with a good bag of silvers on a low river well done Richard. Tight lines everyone for September .

Underdale water still very low fishing very slow, a few barbel caught to 7lb with some very small bags of silvers and one or two bream to 6lb, again the low water situation is keeping anglers away.

Kind Regards Mike and Ann Wood

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