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Our bailiffs tell us that the bye-laws regarding night fishing are sometimes being interpreted in different ways by our members, so here is some guidance to clarify them.

BAA regulations state:

C.2      Night Fishing

No member shall:

(a) fish the Association’s waters at any time other than between one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset, unless they are in possession of a valid permit to night fish and subject to the terms and conditions contained therein.

(b) be present at the Association’s waters except between such hours, unless duly authorised in writing by either the Executive Committee, or the Superintendent Bailiff for the purposes of enforcement of these Regulations.


Sunrise and sunset times are not fixed, they vary as the season changes, the local (Birmingham) sunrise and sunset times are available on the BAA website home page by clicking on the ‘sunrise-sunset times’ link in the Links area.

For example, the sunrise and sunset times for the 31st August 2019 are;

Sunrise – 06:16 (6:16am)

Sunset – 19:58 (7:58pm)

This means that on the 31st August 2019, a member cannot be at a fishery before 05:16 (5:16am) and must have left the fishery by 20:58 (8:58pm).

Being at the fishery means:

Parked in a BAA car park, walking from the fishery access point to your peg or tackling up there.

Left the fishery means:

No longer at your peg or have left the fishery (including any BAA car park).

The only exception to the above is for members with a valid permit when night fishing at a venue where it is permitted.





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