Rubbish and rats at Coppice Lake

We have a problem at Coppice Lake with leaks in the banks causing a loss of water, we repaired a leak last year and now have some new ones. We believe the leaks are due to rats burrowing in the banks and as a result causing leaks to form.

This situation is made worse by rubbish being left by anglers which attracts rats.

We are currently in conversation with contractors to put sheet piling in the affected banks to fix the leaks and hopefully prevent new ones, the cost of this work will be substantial.

So to help prevent leaks due to rat holes which will help to maintain a good level of water in the lake, and minimise the spend required to fix the resulting leaks, which has to be paid for from members subscriptions, please;


Take you litter home with you, don't chuck it down the bank!







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