Where To Fish

Details of waters, which are booked for contests, are published weekly in the national angling press, and in several local newspapers in the region, including the Evening Mail, Sports Argus, Express and Star etc. Lists are also sent to all tackle shop agencies, and posted on the "Available waters" page of the BAA web site.

  • Alne

    A small Warwichshire river that rises near to Wootton Wawen and joins the Arrow at Alcester. The BAA has one fishery on the Alne at Pennyford Hall.
  • Anker

    The River Anker is part of the Trent River System flowing through Nuneaton and joining the River Tame at Tamworth. The BAA has one fishery on the river at Bolehall on the edge of Tamworth.
  • Avon

    The River Avon is part of the Severn River System, rising near Naseby in Northamptonshire and joining the Severn at Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. The BAA has a number of fisheries on the river from Wasperton near Warwick to Mythe Farm near Tewkesbury.
  • Lugg

    The River Lugg is part of the Severn River System, rising near Llangynllo in Powys and joining the Wye at Mordiford in Herefordshire. It contains a mix of coarse and game fish and best suited to the roving angler.
  • Mease

    The River Mease is part of the Trent River System and is one of the best examples of an unspoilt meandering lowland river.
  • Salwarpe

    The River Salwarpe is part of the Severn River System, rising near Bromsgrove and joining the Severn at Claines above Worcester where the BAA has a fishery.
  • Severn

    The River Severn is one of Britain’s great rivers, rising in the mountains of Wales, flowing through the English Midlands and into the sea again on the Welsh English boundary. The BAA has many fine fisheries; in Wales on the upper river and in England in the middle and lower river.
  • Stour

    The River Stour, part of the Severn River System rises near Romsley in the Clent Hill and joins the Severn at Stourport. Badly polluted for many years as a result of its course through the industrialised Black Country, has improved tremendously over the past few years. So much so that trout are now caught in it and young salmon have been seen at Kidderminster.
  • Teme

    The River Teme is part of the Severn River System, rising in Mid Wales near Newtown, Powys and joining the Severn at Powick just below Worcester. The BAA has a number of fisheries on this very beautiful river below Tenbury and its confluence with the Severn.
  • Trent

    The Trent is one of the major rivers of England, rising in Staffordshire on the southern edge of Biddulph Moor, flowing through the Midlands and joining the River Ouse to form the Humber Estuary which empties into the North Sea. The BAA has a single fishery on the Trent on its upper reaches in Staffordshire.
  • Wye

    The Wye rises on Plynlimon, close to the source of the Severn and covers a distance of about 150 miles through Wales and England before entering the Severn Estuary near Chepstow. It was once renown for Salmon, it is now famous for trout and coarse fish, especially barbel large dace and pike.
  • Pools

    The BAA has a number of pool fisheries mainly containing a good mix of carp, bream, roach, rudd, perch, tench and eels, also with pike in Apperley and Uckinghall and a few barbel in Coppice.
  • Canals

    The BAA has a number of canal fisheries around the Birmingham area. The Birmingham Worcester and Staffordshire Worcestershire canals to the west and the Fazely, Coventry and Trent & Mersey canals to the east.

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