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The BAA Fisheries Team works all year round maintaining and developing our extensive number of waters and we always need additional volunteer members to help with the workload.

The Team works Wednesdays throughout the year and also Mondays during the spring and summer when they are extra busy cutting back all the new summer growth.

The work covers our river fisheries on the Severn, Wye, Avon, Teme, Stour, Trent, Salwarpe, Anker and Mease and our pool fisheries at Uckinghall, Apperley, Nordley, Mythe, Stubbs and Coppice, quite an extensive workload!

The work involves;

  • Building and repairing platforms and steps.
  • Cutting back the vegetation around pegs and car parks (anything from small bushes to large trees).
  • Putting up BAA signage.
  • Fixing leaks in our pools (aka Coppice)
  • Keeping our pools oxygenated during hot weather to prevent fish loss (aka Coppice)
  • Fixing gates, fences, bridges etc.
  • Reviewing potential new fisheries.
  • Along with the BAA bailiffs, being the visible representatives of the BAA.
  • Anything else the comes along!

The work is physical and out in all weathers, the BAA provides protective clothing, tools and training where required and resulting expenses (mileage, subsistence) are repaid.

Are you available on Mondays or Wednesdays?

  • Want to join a great team?
  • Get fit?
  • Get tired?
  • Get muddy?
  • Go to all those fisheries you would never visit otherwise?

Then contact the BAA at Hagley HQ who will put you in contact with the Fisheries Team.

Our thanks to David Cooper who provided the first 3 pictures below, the team was working at Nordley on Wednesday 22nd March removing a tree that had fallen in Pool 1, David who lives nearby was walking along the pool with his camara and took these action shots.









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