Upper Severn fishing report April 2020

Fishing Report 30 Aprill 2020


With all the gorgeous weather we are having and no game anglers because of the lockdown, its very interesting to see as we look after our waters on the upper Severn the amount of early spawning going on with barbel and course fish in general.

During the last week of April the hatch of mayfly George, Ann and myself have been whitnessing is very large all the way down from Aberbechan / Penarth to the Rhyddesgyn.

With all the early floods we do have plenty of salmon moving about, but the last two weeks its gone pretty well the other way with water levels very low, the river running at mid summer level and very clear.

Its very good to see the game fish in abundance feeding from the mayfly.

I'm sure everyone is itching to get out and do some angling when ever that may, we look forward to seeing you all soon but in the mean time keep safe do the right things and I'm sure we will all be OK.


Kind Regards Mike and Ann Wood




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