Chalton Level Crossing Deliberate Misuse

Network Rail have contacted the BAA regarding a number of instances of deliberate misuse reported at Charlton Crossing between Evesham and Pershore with BAA members  failing to call the Signaller requesting permission to cross which is a violation of the Crossing Signage in place at the crossing instructing Users to phone the Signaller using the telephones in place.  Failure to do this could lead to fines and prosecution or at worst very serious injuries or death due to being struck by a train.

Network Rail have also supplied the following;

A notice that will be placed at the crossing for your members,



An Authorised User booklet for your information,

Authorised User booklet 6pp A5 LR.pdf


An Authorised User booklet (NR_UWC vs2) for your members to be published on your website or published in any newsletters,

NR_UWC vs2.pdf


Some general Network Rail Level Crossing Information and some links to Dangerous Occurrence’s and Near Misses that you can publish on your website.

Deliberate Misuse Videos

Network Rail - Level crossing safety


Please ensure that when using the Charlton Level Crossing you follow the Network Rail instructions keeping yourself, people with you, rail staff and users safe.



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