Upper Severn fishing report July 2020


After a very long shut down its fantastic to see anglers back on our glorious waters on the upper Severn. What a start good catches of chub, dace, grayling being caught by the trotting anglers with plenty of trout being caught on fly. There are salmon showing on all stretches now we have some extra water on the river. Very pleased to tell you we have a local contractor doing some work to the carparks ,river banks, and cutting path ways out from top car park to the woodland area. Its very nice to see lots of new members on this stretch.

Coming to the last week of July water getting very low now still plenty of anglers about fly fishing higher Penarth and lower Aberbechan.

Good news the contracter has now done all the strimming to both carparks new road and pathways to river and upstream towards island all carparks and road have been treated its looking very good clean and tidy and easy access for all our members including less able anglers .

There are plenty of signs on the fishery asking people to take home there litter but George one of our bailiffs collected a bin liner of rubbish from this fishery so please take it home with you .



What a fantastic stretch of river we have here the trotting anglers are loving this stretch some good size chub ,dace, barbel, roach, all being caught on stick float.

But also its a fantastic stretch of water for game fishing.

Second week of re-opening some very nice bags of barbel ,chubb, perch, grayling by Bryan Moore pictures on website. There has also been some very nice trout being caught on the fly.


Forden Upper/Lower

Very pleased to report the very large oak tree has now been taken out of the river cut up and removed to a safe location .

There has been some of our regular upper Severn anglers catching some very nice brown trout and grayling on the fly with a few barbel and chub being caught on the first week of the season. Ashley Clarson one of our regulars has been catching some very nice grayling, chub and very nice barbel .

Lots of new members visiting Forden which is fantastic to see and also having some good catches of chubb.


Buttington/Maginnis Bridge

One of our local anglers Ron Farmer has been doing very well catching dace, chub, salmon par and grayling to the 1lb mark on his trotting tactics. With some lovely barbel being caught up to the 8lb mark

Another one of our regular visitors Bryan Moore has being doing very well with his trotting tactics having some nice mixed bags of barbel, chub, dace, trout, pictures on website. It is very good to see the amount of new anglers local and coming from Essex, Northampton, Bedford, Cheshire, Liverpool, also a lot of anglers from the middle Severn area comeing to fish on the upper Severn.



One or two of our regulars have started well fly fishing catching brown trout and grayling until the river rises on 10th about a metre slight colour but running off nice on the 11th and fishing very well with the extra water on .A lot of new members around this area and doing well ledgering tactics for barbel.

Going in to middle of July some nice barbel being caught .Anglers doing well on trotting tactics catching roach to the 1lb mark with lots of dace and chub to 4lb.

Coming towards the end of the month still fishing very well trotting tactics this area you can always fish with the loop area you always have deep water and right hand side of loop very good fly fishing areas anglers here have the best of both worlds.

Its been fantastic to see the amount of new anglers local and anglers travelling a very long way to visit our fisheries on the upper severn but not just visiting once but keep coming back week after week . What a fantastic start to the season with record amount of anglers checked on bank by Ann and all the team with a very hectic amount of work being carried out on keeping our fisheries strimmed clean and tidy with lots of bank work being done by Adam our local contractor.



Some very nice early morning barbel being caught to 10lb with some good catches of bream to 6lb the first two weeks of July reported by our new bailiff Will Cracknell the last two weeks of the month barbel slowing down with water levels dropping but still some catches of chub and silvers being caught reported by Dale the local bailiff he has also been doing a lot of tidying up around pegs rubbish left behind by anglers so again please take it home with you there is no excuse. All in all its been a very good start to the season on the upper severn with record amount of anglers being checked on bank.




Kind Regards Mike and Ann Woods


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