Nordley pools 1 & 2 access

Member Graham Sheldon provided the information below regarding the state of the track to Nordley pools 1 & 2 car park, please drive carefully and slowly along the track while it is still in this state.

I paid my first visit of the year to Pools 1 & 2 Nordley ,…..Stocking Lane entrance, on Friday 26th February, and was alarmed to see how the lane leading down to the pools has deteriorated during the past three months.

Some of the pot holes are massive and will cause severe damage to our cars if we do not travel very slowly down the lane,…..there must be over fifty bad holes you need to negotiate around.

 If you are thinking of paying Nordley pools 1 & 2 a visit,….please for your own safety, and the car your driving, be very very careful on your approach to the pools.

Graham, thanks for the information.

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