Bidford right bank work

Members of the BAA Fisheries Team spent the afternoon with Avon Navigation Trust 'ANT' at Bidford R/B today.

A big thank you to Clive Matthews and his team from ANT.

They are working their way all along the Avon to Stratford to maintain the navigation and check the locks etc.

Although they are behind with their work schedule because of the floods etc they took time out to help out our local working party members Colin and Spud.

Colin said that for a number of years we have been fighting a losing battle with nature at Bidford R/B, sedges have grown and engulfed a number of pegs along the stretch also silt has left some pegs high and dry, this year there was also a couple of very large trees that had come down on the end of the stretch over the two end pegs.

You will see from the photos that they have a digger on a barge and it has a big cutting blade and they also have a ditching bucket.

It soon made short work of the trees, silt and weed growth all the pegs are now clear for a few years to come.











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