Weed reduction - update

We have used Dyofix  (blue dye) in both Uckinghall and Stubbs Pool, at this time it does look to be effective in Stubbs Pool with no surface weed and a reduction of weed growth from the bed of the pool.

We are getting reports of fish being caught with big carp and a couple of ghost carp being seen cruising up and down the pool, fish are being taken with floating baits which has been impossible for a number of years because of the floating weed and the formation of surface scum.

In Uckinghall we have a problem with "fringed water lily" and because of the way Dyofix works by interrupting the red light and photosynthesis into the water to reduce growth, Dyofix is not effective on surface lily's.

Although where the lily's have not established Dyofix has reduced the weed growth, so bait can be fished hard on the bottom.

We have been advised that the only way to stop "fringed water lily" is to use Glyposate which is an herbicide, that will kill the root and the vegetative portions, but at this time the BAA will not be considering this method.

So for now is old fashioned raking  required.




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