Upper Severn fishing report August 2020

Aberbechan / Penarth

With water being released from Clewedog at the begining of August we have 300mm extra water on all areas making the river very cold for a couple of days but towards end of first week fishing very well again with trotting anglers producing some good catches of chub, dace, roach. The game fishing anglers are very quiet at the moment waiting for rise in river levels .

Good news rain bringing river levels up on the 10th much needed with about one metre on running lovely for game fishing and trotting tactics.

14th starting to run off slightly and running clear again fishing very well with extra water much needed and fishing very good on trotting tactics with some nice bags of chub,dace,grayling being caught.

Glen Irwin one of our regulars from Worcester made the trip Saturday 15th spinning for salmon adopting a roving approach starting at Aberbechan he caught a 4lb pike while spinning for salmon then moving on to Abermule caught a small chub whilst Nymph fishing for brown trout. Then ending up at Forden he caught a 3/4 pound well deserved grayling on the fly fishing tactics on Nymph well done Glen covering seven miles of our fisheries. With the river rising about a metre running lovely and not coloured on the weekend of 22nd very welcome and fishing very well on all areas.

Tuesday 25th river rising 1.8metres on very coloured and not fishable for two days on all areas but this is good news for the game anglers they will be here as soon as it starts to run clear. Running clear on 27th around this area but still running about 1metre on excellent for the game and trotting anglers.

Last weekend of month bank holiday weekend river fishing very good with extra water on some nice sea trout being caught by one of our new members from Churchstoke, Michael Mason with plenty of salmon showing on all stetches. Good end to the month with the trotting anglers catching chub, dace, grayling and trout and it was nice to see anglers from Bridgnorth Bewdley and Stourport coming all the way to the upper severn and catching some nice bags of fish. 



Again with the influx of water fishing very well stick float good catches of barbel, chub, dace and roach.

Again extra water much needed fishing very good with trotting anglers having good mixed bags. Fly fishing some very nice chub and grayling being caught with a few brown trout to the pound mark. Again good end to the month with the trotting anglers catching nice mixed bags of fish.



With or without the extra water this fishery is producing some excellent catches of chub, dace, roach, from the trotting anglers with some very nice brown trout and grayling being caught on fly, salmon very quiet at the moment we need 2ft of water on to get them moving. The influx of anglers around this fishery from all over the country is absolutly fantastic.

With the extra water its a haven around here for the game anglers with plenty of fish showing. One of our regulars on the upper severn Glen Irwin cathing lovely grayling on fly. Trotting tactics producing some lovely bags of chub, dace, roach and grayling. The last week of the month with extra water on some very nice barbel being caught to 10lb.

River rising on the 25th 2metres on in this area very coloured unfishable for two days but colour starting to run of on 29th looking good again with the extra water on.


Buttington / Maginnis Bridge

Some lovely bags of barbel, roach, dace,  and grayling, all being caught on trotting tactics. With the rise in water levels even higher around this area about 1.7 metres on it still fishes very good. Becomes very coloured for a couple of days mid way through the month but soon runs off, with extra water still fishing very good for barbel and chub on ledgered tactics . Some very good work being carried out by our new bailiffs Barry and Will, bank clearing and making sign boards and fitting with Ann and myself. Will and Barry  also have been digging out new pegs and steps to areas we couldn't get to before above and below the bridge well done Will and Barry.

River rising 2.8metres on in this area very coloured and unfishable on the 25th . Starting to drop on the 28th to 2.1 metres colour running off and looking good. Ending the month river running perfect bit of water on some good barbel to 11lb being caught on ledgered tactics.


Poolquay / Maesydd / Rhyddesgyn

The trotting tactics are doing it again around this area good bags of chub, dace, roach, grayling being caught .

Again with the extra rise in water levels barbel to 8lb being caught on ledgered tactics, with the trotting anglers still catching some nice bags of silvers and grayling with some very nice chub to 5lb being caught. Again the extra water very welcome around this area .

River rising 2.8 metres on very coloured unfishable on the 25th starting to drop and run clear on 28th droping to 2.1 metres and colour running off looking very good. Ending the month in tip top condition and plenty of good mixed bags of fish being caught .

All in all it has been an excellent turn out for anglers considering we have had a week out due to flooding.



First week of month water very low in this area and fishing very slow indeed .

Extra water much needed on the 10th rising to 2metres by 14th we should see better fishing around here now .

Pleased to report on the 18th all strimming to pegs and platforms has now been done by our contractor Adam Putson good access very clean and tidy. Water levels rising weekend 22nd with much needed water now making fishing much improved with some nice bream and silvers being caught river rising and coloured on 27th unfishable for three days 28th droping to 1.5 metres and colour running off  nicely. Finishing the end of the month with extra water on and some nice barbel being caught to the 9lb mark.






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