BAA AGM postponed for 2020


Owing to the continuing Covid-19 restrictions being in force, the AGM which was scheduled to take place on 12 November 2020, has now been postponed indefinitely.

All the business which was due to take place at the meeting will now be carried forward to the next AGM on a date yet to be decided.

The postponed business is as follows:


1.         To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 11 November 2019


2.         To approve the accounts for 2019 


3.         To appoint Accountants for 2021:   Adderley, Hill & Co.    -   Proposed  by:   R Duce


4.         Election of officers


Vice President:           

Retiring officer:  R Duce

Nominations:   P Raby,   Nominated by:  K Pearson (F03343),  J Williams (F00001)


5.         Election of Executive Committee:


Retiring Members: 

H Jones, S Pailing, P Thomas.

(All re-nominated by Executive Committee)


New Members:

J Gibbons, Nominated by: D Gumbley (F00013), R Duce (S08711)

M Wood, Nominated by: B Carpenter ( S07293), W Cracknell (F06542)

A Wood, Nominated by: B Carpenter ( S07293), W Cracknell (F06542)



In order that the Association can continue to function efficiently, we will continue to use Adderley Hill & Co as our Accountants for now.

All the retiring and new members of the Executive Committee will be deemed to have been re-appointed / elected for the coming year.

Peter Raby will be co-opted onto the Management Committee pending confirmation at the next AGM.

As far as the 2019 Accounts are concerned, these have already been approved by the Executive Committee and formal adoption will be held over until the next AGM. In the meantime, any member who wishes to see a copy of the 2019 accounts can do so upon application to the BAA office.


Any member who has an objection to the above process, should make it known to the Secretary.


J Williams

General Secretary


October 2020.





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