Upper Severn fishing report March 2020

BAA Fishing Report for Upper Severn Aberbechan/Penarth/Forden/Buttington/Maginnis



Mike and Ann Wood


March 2020



River running about 1.5metres on first week of March very clear excellent for trotting tactics with lots of anglers about having good catches of grayling to just over the pound mark with lots of dace and small chub good start to March after the floods .

Going in to last week of course season river still running perfect  for the trotting lads

One or two salmon showing around the Penarth stretch with two already being caught.

Going in to last few days of the season, 10th March river comes back up to 3.8metres another record for Aberbechan since 2011. Moving on to the 12th March looking good again down to 1.7 metres on excellent for salmon fishing and the trotting guys .The last two days of the season a few course anglers about but not what we normaly used to, numbers down due to high water, very hard fishing, water very cold with just a few grayling being caught and the odd chub. River looking excellent for the game fisherman but if its not floods its the dreaded coronavirus all waters now closed.



River here running about 1.5metres on excellent all round fishing conditions one or two pike being caught by the salmon anglers .

Some very nice catches of barbel and chub on the stick float good sport here but no anglers after the 7th with more floods on the 10th running off nice on the 14th looking good for the game anglers . But as we all know river now closed due to the coronavirus.


Buttington/Maginnis Bridge

River here still very high and coloured not fishable for the first and second week of March.Starting to run off on the 14th but to late for the end of the season. River looking good for the game anglers and then the dreaded virus has arrived no more fishing.



Again first week and second week of March not fishable about 4.5metres on and coloured. Totaly unfishable. Good news 13th and 14th running of down to 3,5metres and dropping to late for course anglers but looking good for the game anglers.



Unfishable for last two weeks of season looking good now on the 16th for salmon fishing fantastic stretch up to wier . But sadly now all waters closed.






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