Apley Estate



Half a mile of left bank fishing to the north of Bridgnorth, adjacent to the A442. Excellent barbel, roach, perch and chub.

Location (SATNAV)

Upstream car park
Lat 52°33'15.0"N  Long 2°24'17.6"W (degs, mins, secs)
Lat 52.554168     Long -2.404876     (numerical)
Postcode WV15 5JP

Field entrance parking (When parking in the entrance between the two upstream fields, please park well over on one side so that the farmer can drive large and wide farm vehicles throught the entrance. The farmer has had difficulty turning off the busy road into the entrance due to poor parking by BAA members)
Lat 52°33'00.9"N  Long 2°24'23.6"W (degs, mins, secs)
Lat 52.550249     Long -2.406561     (numerical)
Postcode WV15 5JP (nearby)

Severn Meadows public car park road entrance
Lat 52°32'13.9"N  Long 2°24'39.3"W (degs, mins, secs)
Lat 52.537185     Long -2.410920     (numerical)
Postcode WV15 5AF


Apley Estate: From Bridgnorth take the A442 towards Telford. The car park is on the left at the upstream end of the stretch. Parking is also available in field entrances. NOTE: Vehicles must not be driven across the fields.


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