New car parking at Apperley Pool

A new BAA car park is now available at Apperley Pool.

Access of off Gabb Lane just before the sharp bend where members previously parked on the verge, it's the right hand side gate in the picture below. The gate is chained and locked with the usual BAA lock code.

Apperley parking 01.jpg

Follow the track to the parking area, gates have also been put in the fence either side of the track to allow the farmer to move stock between his fields.

Apperley parking 02.jpg

Apperley parking 03.jpg

The parking provides plenty of room for anglers cars alongside Apperley Pool 2 on the side furthest from the river.

Apperley parking 04.jpg

A section of the fence between the car park and the pool has been removed to allow walking access to the pool.

Apperley parking 05.jpg

Apperley parking 06.jpg

Some more views of a just strimmed Apperley Pool.

Apperley parking 07.jpg

Apperley parking 08.jpg

Apperley parking 09.jpg





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