Weed reduction.

Following comments and feedback from members, the Fisheries Working Party have treated both Uckinghall and Stubbs Pools in an attempt to limit the weed growth in both.

We have used a product called "Dyofix Pond Blue".

Dyofix is completely free of pesticides, algaecides and harmful chemicals, it is also harmless to plants, fish, wildlife, insects and pets.


All plants, surface or submerged use the process of "photosynthesis" to thrive and grow, this process relies on red light to drive it. By blocking some or all of the red light using the water as a filter, the process of photosynthesis is interrupted with the result of little or no further growth of submerged weeds.

Water treated with Dyofix will only have a faint hint of blue.

The attached  photo is from Stubbs Pool and you can just see that there is a slight blue tint on the water, it was treated over the weekend and we will be doing a second treatment in both pools in a months time.





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