Upper Severn fishing report December 2021

Moving into December from the storms, snow and rain we now have heavy frosts with -3 degrees at night and just 4 above daytime in the first few days of December, with strong winds making fishing very hard. 4th onwards, 1.6 metres on at Aberbechan/Penarth to 2.5 metres at Poolquay, the river is a bit pacey with strong winds and very hard going, the few anglers / die hards who are about are finding it very hard. We get to the 8th and the river starts to rise and peaks at 3.9 metres at Aberbechan that's extremely high for this area and down at Poolquay Rhyddesgyn we have 6.9metres on that's very close to the record of 7.19m back in October 2000. From 9th onwards to the end of December the river is bank high and unfishable in most areas but as always one or two diehards are out and catching some lovely barbel on the centre pin /trotting tactics  and pike being caught to 14lb, the ones who have braved the storms and high waters have certainly been rewarded with some lovely fish so well done to you guys. With the first three months of 2021 our fisheries closed because of covid and six weeks out of the year river unfishable due to floods we lost eighteen weeks of fishing on the upper Severn, so only seven and half months out the year fishable the turn out we have had has been excellent so thank you to the members who have visited the upper Severn, local people who are here regular week in week out and the diehards who keep coming back we look forward to seeing you all in 2022 along with lots of new members Ann and Mike would like to wish everyone a very happy new year and look forward to seeing you all soon .

Mike and Ann Wood Upper Severn Fishing Report Powys.





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