Upper Severn fishing report June 2020


The water levels on the upper Severn around this area are still critically low but with no fishing in Powys at the moment thats not a bad thing with how low the water is, George one of our baillifs has been very busy moving rubbish from by the gate entrances what have been dumped or left behind from contractors.



There has been some more bank work and steps dug in to bank to get down to river where banks are more than a metre high not many areas like this on the stretch here but all complete now and ready for anglers when we are allowed to fish in Powys. I'm sure the course and game anglers will love this gorgeous stretch of river its good all round water plenty for the fly fishermen lots of deep gulleys for salmon fishing and lots of nice quick running stretches for the trotting anglers.



We reported a very large oak tree had come down across river in May causing damage to river banks I am very happy to report now we have the situation in hand and the oak tree is being cut up and removed and we are carrying out some remedial work to repair banks we have had to put a slope in down bank to get machinery on to river bed to remove the large tree, the work will be completed by first week of July

At lower Forden where our new car park is at Severn Side Farm the farmer there Matt has very kindly given us some extra parking in the bottom field we have put some new signs up on the large oak tree telling anglers where to park do not go past this point . Also at the very end of our stretch which is one and a half miles further down stream towards Cilcewydd Bridge we have put new signs up telling members  where our fishery ends do not go past this point the water belongs to the caravan site the other side of the bridge .


Buttington/Maginnis Bridge

There are a lot of deeper areas around this stretch and its good to see plenty of fish moving about .


Poolquay/ Maesydd/Rhyddesgyn

Very deep swims in this area and looking extremly good for when we can start fishing again with plenty of fish topping and moving about.



The only fishery open on the upper Severn there has been lots of anglers on this stretch since the start of the course season with lots of bream being caught to 7 pound and a lot of barbel being caught to ten pounds along with roach and perch good start to the season at underdale .



Kind Regards Mike and Ann Woods


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