Predator baits

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"Predator fishing is a wildly popular branch of our sport in the UK with many specialist predator anglers and clubs. UK anglers use a variety of natural and artificial baits in our hobby, but this attitude is not shared across the globe with many areas such as the US preferring to solely use artificial lures.

The reason for these differences in methods is unclear. Consequently, Atticus Albright, a masters student at the University of Durham has chosen to study the attitudes of UK freshwater predator anglers towards both natural and artificial baits and has requested the aid of the club. He hopes to reveal the most popular predator baits, why anglers use them as well as whether the use of natural dead baits has any significant impact on our native stocks of bait species such as lamprey.

In order to do this he will need to conduct telephone questionnaires with anglers so that they can express their opinion. The phone questionnaire will be short, and completely confidential. If any predator anglers are willing to help please contact him at"

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Atticus Albright




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